Our Royal Enfield Cafe Racer have evolved day by day. Just finish doing sticker pinstripe earlier today. Trying to finish it up before the Art Of Speed 2013.

The owner of this Royal enfield wanted to have 2 options of seating; one with 2 seaters and one with single seater. This is the option of the 2 seater seat.More like a bratstyle seat. We choose light brown colour to make it more dominant, simple and clean lines. Glad to see the smile on... Continue Reading →

Its done. Triumph completed & Royal Enfield 70% completed. We celebrate with a photoshoot at the 'Alley'. Thanks a lot to bro Ian for da support. (Missing in picture; bro Azree Zo)

Look what we did last night. Fast game punya cafe racer conversion. Still a lot to do. Please note that the seat is TEMPORARY. Which one better This position Or this position?

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