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Mad About Pipes

We are having this sudden madness about designing pipes lately. Here are some of what we have in mind and already done.

image image image image

Trying to figure out how to finish off your end body frame? Wanted to have that cool look of a bratstyle seat? Worry no more. We have the tail loop. Come in 2 size:

Small Loop

Made : hollow steel
Thickness : 2mm
Diameter : 20mm
Loop diameter : 120mm
Price : rm80

20130527-213300.jpg 20130527-213318.jpg

Big Loop

Made : hollow steel
Thickness : 1mm
Diameter : 25mm
Loop diameter : 155mm
Price : rm120

20130527-213520.jpg 20130527-213534.jpg

# price not including shipping. Please do your own measurement on your bike first before purchasing.

20130527-213659.jpg 20130527-213741.jpg

The owner of this Royal enfield wanted to have 2 options of seating; one with 2 seaters and one with single seater. This is the option of the 2 seater seat.More like a bratstyle seat. We choose light brown colour to make it more dominant, simple and clean lines. Glad to see the smile on the owner’s partner as they went for a test ride.

IMG_5584 IMG_5586 IMG_5644 20130527-151146.jpg