Started off with interest in cafe racer bikes, two neighbour become close friends and start building their own custom bikes. Azree Zo and Rockers Racer was a total stranger at the very beginning but bump into each others while riding at their very own neighbourhood “Keramat”.

The goal is simple. To built a bike with clean mechanical aesthetics and getting the right proportion with simple and workable motorbike. We have explored much and in the end, we realised that custom bikes is best to be built base on individual preferences and individual comfort which makes each motorbikes will have their own character.

We are based in “Keramat” Kuala Lumpur and those who seeks for something different from other bikes can reach us to get our custom service.

We believe that those who really appreciate custom culture are all bros and hardcore minded and hope that strong friendship can be built as this scene rises.


Azree Zo
Azree Zo
Rockers Racer
Rockers Racer

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  1. salam, how much to spend to modified a honda s90 to the honda s90 cafe racer that you modified, please let me know, uses this no 0172947106, thank you.

    1. Hi Darren. Right now there are a lot of this streetcub builder in Malaysia. If u need one, I can suggest to you. Cheers.

  2. Hi I’ve recently just brought a Honda s90, could you possibly give me some tips on the seat and the fuel tank ?your bikes looks immaculate , props

    1. Hi Ralph. Nice selection of bike. we loved that s90. the fuel tank is actually a stock tank. we just play with some racing stripe to enhanced it. the seat on the other hand, we made the seat cowl using fiber glass. Then we made a custom subframe and fix it the the chassis of the s90. bolt and nut stuff. so now the seat cowl can sit nicely on the custom subframe. hope this helps. sorry for the late reply. we didn’t really noticed we got few comments here. Cheers!

  3. Hi, just moved from Netherlands to KL and left everything behind (also my Honda CX500 to be caferacer, in parts and a FT500 ascot tracker) . I am looking for a new project in KL. or a drive ready caferacer/tracker (>400CC) or old bike to restore myself. do you know if there are any “do it your own” garages in KL where you can work on your own bike? looking forward to hear from you.. and love the bikes 🙂

  4. I have just bought a KTN 125gt and would like to convert it to a cafe racer, would you guys like to take on the job and also normal how long will it take?

  5. Hi guys I need some work done on my CBX750P police version. Mainly on the engine, are you guys able to help on that?

  6. I am the original owner of a 1971 Honda Dax. I want to customise and increase to 150cc. Can i send my bike to you to customise it?

  7. Hi, Bought a cbx 750 p a few months ago finally got it up and running. Hadn’t been running for a few years and is pretty much complete except for it’s missing the side covers. Any chance you guys could score me a set of side covers not really particular what kind. Stock okay. Hope you guys are doing good saw your YouTube video reworking the cbx 750 p from white to black very cool ! Thxs, Johny

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