KTN GP125 Tracker Style

KTN GP125 Tracker Style

Another bike that have been Kerkus’ed  by us is this KTN GP125cc. The bike came to us when the owner had an accident with the bike. She accidently hit a pot hole and fell causing a dent rim and few scratches on the handlebars and suspension plus broken foot rest. She decided to change the overall look of the bike and make it as black as possible.


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When we first saw this bike we instantly vision it as a modern tracker hipster style bike rather than a café racer style. With the small engine and the lightness of the bike, it is more suitable to go ahead with tracker style. Client also mentioned that it’s her daily ride to work in the city, so a comfortable seat, raised handlebars and suitable seating position should be the best option.

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We didn’t like the stock USD fork and the 17” sportrims that this bike has at the first place. It’s kind of out of proportion because the bike is fairly small and skinny; suddenly you have this big USD fork which we think is not necessary. So that was the first thing in mind that we want to change to traditional telescopic fork.  So we swapped the whole front end with a Yamaha RXZ 135 complete with the triple 3s, fork, hub, disc brake, brake calliper and fitted it with an 18” Racing Boy spokes rim in black anodized colour. The tire from Swallow 18” – 4.0. Front fender has been shortened from the stock fender and fixed with custom bracket.

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The headlight is using aftermarket parts, powder coated in gloss black and tinted with yellow effect. Handlebars have been replaced with aftermarket 22” wide scrambler bar giving it a comfortable riding position. Brake and clutch lever as well as the switches remain stock. The ignition key has been relocated under the tank with custom bracket. The tank is stock, however have been lifted up to make it aligned throughout from the tank all the way to the seat. The tank has been painted in gloss black, with a matte black lining at the bottom. A hand written “Kerkus” were requested on both side of the tank in gold colour.

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The stock rear end was too long, so we decided to cut and shortened it by 3”. We then make a custom seat pan with 2” foam and upholstery it with dark brown PVC for the seat. Client requested to have a seat that can fit 2 people as she plans to bring her friend or boyfriend for a ride. Rear fender has been custom made to hold the aftermarket rear light + no plate.

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The rear hub is using same Yamaha RXZ135 hub with drum brake. The same 18” Racing Boy spokes rim and 18”-4.0 Swallow tire has been used for the rear end setup. The rim has been installed with custom bushing to fit the stock swing arm.

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The engine was in good condition as it is actually a new bike. We only change the stock carburettor as the stock one was faulty. A brand new TS 125 carburettor and a few setting did the job. The airbox have been remained just the side panel have been painted in matte black. The footrest has also been replaced to an aftermarket footrest with a nice finishing. The muffler exhaust has been removed and painted in hi temp black. Sound of the exhaust can really turns head.

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All in all, this KTN GP125 has been designed and planned to be as simple and as minimal as possible. We love to see simple lines of this bike, matched with chuncky tires really make this bike stands out from others. For us, this should be a perfect bike for cruising around the city with style. Therefore I would say it’s a tracker hipster style bike, in a good way.


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