Honda CB250 Caferacer

This Honda CB250 came to our shop in standard condition, complete with pannier box at the back. We were informed that it was from a Police bike back in the 80s. This bike undergo a major change on the look and the proportion of the bike. Tank, seat, tires, clip-ons are the key element that... Continue Reading →

KTN GP125 Petite Racer

"Small cc bike is fun for town ride" Ktn GP125 is famous in Malaysia for its modern classic look ala caferacer/tracker and most importantly affordable. With 125cc engine and small size frame, its perfect to roam around in the city especially during traffic jam. The stock bike have its look already, but with a simple... Continue Reading →

Honda CBX 750P Dark Knight

Based on Honda CBX 750P (Police version), this bike locally known as "White Horse" among the Malaysian Cops have been turned into a "Dark Knight". "A simple makeover but yet gives a totally different impact to the whole bike" The bike have been given a new dark concept with all black and the signature fairing... Continue Reading →

Kerkus Youtube Channel

Entering year 2018, part of the plan is to be more active in social media where we hope this custom culture will keep on expanding and progressing. We plan to share our videos inside and outside of our workshop, the life style, the amazing events happening around and many more. For a start, feel free... Continue Reading →

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