Last Night

Look what we did last night. Fast game punya cafe racer conversion. Still a lot to do. Please note that the seat is TEMPORARY.

20130409-111110.jpg 20130409-111151.jpg 20130409-111205.jpg 20130409-111228.jpg 20130409-111330.jpg

Which one better

This position

Or this position?



  1. If you guys are into major sturctural frame design modification and fabricating the bike would benefit more from a rigid frame at tail end… and a sprung hub from a triumph TR if you are able to get hold of one.All around the bike looks the business and spare the front mudguards they are way to gay,instead try to shortend it around 21/2 inches to give it a more aggresive look..shortend or scrap the manifolds and and spare also the exhaust they’re too long..hope this helps


    1. Yes GAF. Thanks a lot for the comment!

      Its a one night work, so still a lot to do. We only manage to fit in the tank basically. the rest is all temporary as i need to use the bike to work. 😛 We r fabricating the mudguard using fiber, still havent finish yet. And i totally agree on the exhaust… Its longer than the bike! Waiting for my megaphone to arrive, so we need to use the exhaust first. The sound is too loud for our neighborhood without the exhaust! Definately will study on the triumph sprung hub. We will do the framing and yes, will be rigid. That temporary seat is from the stock RE seat. But so comfy.. 🙂

      Anyways, glad u drop a comment here. Give us more spirit to improve. Thanks mate!

  2. for a night worth of work ya definately strip the bike bare.okay is it gonna be a cafe racer buildup or a bobber? or a mix of both?

  3. in that case you would need to fabricate a tail loop to accomodate and brace up the new seat pan as the new tank will push the rider’s position back around 2 inches. The rider’s foot will be positioned around 2 inch i think backwards also hence the need of a pair of rear sets with linkages all the way to the gearbox switch arm. Then only will you then have the crouch position that you’ve always desired, asuming a pair of non adjustable clip ons are used the dynamics will gonna be spot on. For mudguards, instead of fbaricating new ones i would suggest you go for the chrome mudguards that the normal three wheeler used on their bike (moto orang cacat) and cut it porpotionately!

    Good Luck!

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