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Honda CBX 750 “TomCat”

The Honda CBX 750 (police bike) is getting a lot of attention lately. This recent project is owned by Mr. Tan, who came with his CBX750 with already some modification done. The brief was to make it look better. The most crucial part was to design the seat so that it matches with the stock bulky & boxy tank. We came up with the idea of taking the concept from a F-14 Tomcat Jet fighter, which we think suits well as the bike was an ex-cop bike and the stance was there. Tank and seat colour have been design integrating with F-14 Tomcat design with a mix of white, matte black and gold. We re-structured the rear framing so that the seat will be inline with the tank, and added an electrical tray to house all the wirings below the seat. Handle have been change to a clip on bars, speedometer and the rpm meter have been relocate by making a custom bracket and a new set of front headlight. Tires were also changed to Swallow Classic tire for the front and Shinko tire for the rear.


Project completed.



Honda CBX 750 “La Medico” (Progress)

Another new project coming in for 2017. Honda CBX 750 (Police Bike) as usual. Project name “La Medico”. Here are some shots on the mock up for the custom tank, made by our talented friend Bigcat custom. Tank fits nicely tho need to re adjust the fixing of the tank.


Last week was the 5th Annual Art Of Speed 2016, the most anticipated custom event in Malaysia. Held at the same venue as 2015, the site at MAEPS Serdang was as big as 100,000 sqft full with classic & retro, custom cars & motorcycles, lowrider, MotoCircus gallery, indoor skatepark, hotwheelz, concert etc2…

Again, Kerkuscycles collab with our hommie Barbero Barbershop and Harith Greencarpenter. Together with Naked13caferacer. It was a fun 2 days at the AOS2016 with lots of things going on. I would like to say thanks to those who stop by at our booth and say Hi. Here are some photos that I managed to snap while I was there. Enjoy.






Suzuki GS550 caferacer Taking Fresh Air at Playground

Yesterday, we took the Suzuki GS550 caferacer to the playground for some fresh air. We needed the fresh air too. The bike behave like a good boy. Gonna bring him to the playground again soon when the bike fully complete. Thanks to Jols Coffee for being around.

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Honda CBX750 Caferacer Featured in Pipeburn

Thanks again to Pipeburn for featuring our Honda cbx750 caferacer in their latest entry on their website. Head down to their website at Pipeburn.com to view it! Thanks again for the support!


Honda CBX750 Caferacer Ver. 2

Hi guys.

We are back with another Honda CBX750 build. This time with more brutal look and stance. Tell you the truth, we took a longer time building this bike as there was some issues that we had to deal with. But thanks to the cool and patient owner, Bro Kairullizam,  finally its done, with a bomb. For those who still don’t know, this Honda CBX750 was previously a traffic police patrol bike, widely used in our country Malaysia. Its a very common sight to see here in Malaysia the traffic police using it everyday to control the traffic, escorting people, chasing bad guys and etc.













When we first met with the client, he was clear with what we wants. He really admire the Ducati Sport 1000 classic from the movie Tron. He loves the badass tank design from the Sport1000 and would like to have it on his bike but at the same time, to remain the Honda logo on the tank. We take note on what he wants and started doing some sketches to get the feel of it.

By doing a custom made tank, we already solved the issue of limited space underneath the original gas tank as the main frame of this bike is a box shape instead of normal tube shape. There are some added edge to the tank so that it wouldn’t be a direct copy of the Ducati Sport 1000’s tank. The petcock was a bit a pain in the arse as we have to use back the original petcock from the original tank, so a lot of customization had to be done to make sure it can fit to the custom tank. Tank cap was a CNC aluminum and designed as slim as possible. The tail section was also designed and fabricated using metal sheet to compliment the shape of the tank. Original subframe have been cut off and replaced with a new customized subframe, in order to get that straight line between the tank and the tail section. We choose brown PVC seat to create some contrast to the whole bike and matched it with a classic look brown handlebar grips. The rear light is using LED light, complete with brake light mode and mounted with custom bracket.













The owner didn’t want us to mess up with the stock airbox, so we didn’t touch it. But we replace the sidecover with our own custom sidepanel, fabricated with metal sheet with some holes to allow some ventilation especially to the rectifier.





The front setup was a bit tricky too. Eventho the bike came without the big ass fairing, the wirings, the sirens the extra lights were still intact. We have to trash out these unwanted stuff and have to keep the minimal wiring and hide it using a custom steel plate painted in black behind the headlight. The new headlight was a bit special too as it has front grill and integrated with signal lights where both are finish with powder coated black, mounted to the forks using headlight brackets. Stock gauge was removed, and replaced with smaller speedo and rpm gauge mounted on a custom made bracket. Instead of using clip on bars, we decided to use clubman handlebar as we noticed that owner cant really reach if its too low so the clubman was the perfect solution for him. Bar end mirror were fitted to complete the setup. Front fork were polished to bring back the original chrome and were fitted with new fork gaiter. The rims were original, and we decided to paint it gloss black so that the whole tire setup looks mean and heavy. Both tire are using Bridgestone Battlax BT45, good choice from the owner.












Paint job was again an artwork from our friendly panel, Bigcat Motorart. Owner have chosen matted finished gun metal grey with racing stripe at the centre of the tank and the tail section. To make it more unique, there is a big Honda wing logo in gloss finish on both side of the tank, looks like a badass tatoo from far. Engine was also repainted using hi temp paint, together with the new pair of shorty megaphone muffler exhaust. The stock pipes was not really in good condition aesthetically, so instead of doing chrome, we wrapped it with black hi temp pipe wrap, as to maintained the badass look of the bike.








All in all, we are glad that the owner is happy. Lots of obstacle that we had to face during this build, but the cool and patient owner really touched us. We were satisfied with the result of this bike, a very muscular yet brutal looking mean machine compared to our previous CBX750 build ( M1-21). We also learned that there are so many possibility that can be done to this Honda CBX750, despite the original look of it. Hope this post can inspire and give you guys some ideas on what can be done to your current or next bike project.

Till then, Adios!













“Behind The Scene” Honda CBX 750 Cafe Racer M1-21

Some behind the scene photos on preparing the Honda cbx750 caferacer M1-21 before the photoshoot.

Photo credit : Tun Anuarasikinatan


IMG_8231 IMG_8233 IMG_8238 IMG_8244 IMG_8401 IMG_8403 IMG_8404 IMG_8406 IMG_8410

Pipeburn Featured the Honda CBX750 M1-21

We have been surprised today as one of our favorite custom bike sites, the Pipeburn featured our Honda CBX750 M1-21 build. We have been referring to this site for bike’s inspiration and today we are part of it. Such an honour and thank you Andrew & Scott from Pipeburn. To view it check out this link guys :



Honda CBX750 Caferacer #Projectgila M1-21 Completed

Honda CBX750 caferacer; the latest addition to our bike build this year.

The bike started its life as a traffic police patrol bike, its a very common sight to see here in Malaysia the traffic police using it everyday to control the traffic, escorting people, chasing bad guys and etc. I remember since i was a kid, this bike was already around and people called it “Kuda Putih (White Horse)”. Never have thought that we are going to custom this bike and turn it into something cool.

When we first got this bike, we were skeptical whether this bike have the potential to be a cafe racer bike. There are no reference can be found in the internet for this specific model. The frame of this bike is more towards an easy rider riding position. It doesn’t have that straight line at all. Tank was boxy and short, full of sirens and extra lights, wiring was a nightmare, front fairing was huge, front fork was too high, the bike is using shaft instead of chain and etc.

Not long after that, a friend came and interested to buy this bike and let us to custom it. We both understand that its gonna be hard, but we are prepared to take the challenge. After spending about a month full of discussion and developing design, we started building it. stripping down the bike was quite fun, we kinda hate those unnecessary stuff fixed to that bike which also helps to reduced the weight of the bike.

We’ve chosen the 1980 CB750c gas tank to replace the stock tank in order to get a longer proportion for the bike. It also solved the issue of limited space underneath the gas tank as the main frame of this bike is a box shape instead of normal tube shape. We also use an alloy Monza flip up cap for the tank gas cap just to get a classic look for it.
To remain the essence of having a fairing for this cbx750, we have change the huge fairing into a cool half fairing setup. A 6.5″ chrome headlight were fitted nicely and finished with yellow tinted and a big “X” to show how badass this bike is. The stance of the bike looks more aggressive with the new CNC clip-on handlebars finished with a pair of bar end mirror. The front fender, side cover, battery box and the tail section is fabricated with metal sheet by us where lots of hours spend to get the right shape and design.

The owner was very into classic cafe racer looks. So we decided to used the 450-18 Firestone M/C Tire Blackwall for the front tire and 16″ Shinko for the rear tire. The front fork have been lowered down to 2.5″ and the effect of lowering down and using this tire is stunning as it make the bike looks more stable and tough. A new pair of shorty reverse cone Megaphone muffler exhaust in chrome finish were also fitted to this bike and we’ve painted the pipes with high-temp matt black colour so that the megaphone muffler will be more noticeable. Well… even without that, the sound of the muffler itself roaring is orgasm, hard for people NOT to noticed it. We wanted to have a simple looks at the airbox & battery area so the stock airbox was removed and a new air filter setup have been installed. We’ve fabricated a new but much simpler battery box where all the other wiring can be hide inside. The huge stock meter gauge was also removed and have been replaced with a separate speedo and rpm meter gauge in chrome finish.

The paintjob was an artwork from our close friend, Bigcat Motorart. They have great skills and attention into details when it comes to the finishing of their works. A nice “KERKUS” logo was part of the design of the tank with colour combination of silver, black and brass. A code no of M1-21 can be seen on the tail section where the meaning of it remains secret only to the bike owner. (Maybe it is related to the recent MH17 incident, we do not know)

We delivered the bike to the owner, and glad he was happy with the outcome. Sure there will be some minor tweaking, but overall, it stands out and it is one of a kind. We hope that this build can be a sample for those who thinks that its impossible to custom this cbx750 bike and may it be a reference for the future generation. Adios.

The Police Bike (photo sourced from google)

The Police Bike (photo sourced from google)

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