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Entering year 2018, part of the plan is to be more active in social media where we hope this custom culture will keep on expanding and progressing. We plan to share our videos inside and outside of our workshop, the life style, the amazing events happening around and many more. For a start, feel free to subscribe to our youtube channel to get latest videos and share it if you think its awesome!

We’ve prepared this video compiling all of our previous build, hope you enjoy it and share! Don’t forget to subscribe!




Last week was the 5th Annual Art Of Speed 2016, the most anticipated custom event in Malaysia. Held at the same venue as 2015, the site at MAEPS Serdang was as big as 100,000 sqft full with classic & retro, custom cars & motorcycles, lowrider, MotoCircus gallery, indoor skatepark, hotwheelz, concert etc2…

Again, Kerkuscycles collab with our hommie Barbero Barbershop and Harith Greencarpenter. Together with Naked13caferacer. It was a fun 2 days at the AOS2016 with lots of things going on. I would like to say thanks to those who stop by at our booth and say Hi. Here are some photos that I managed to snap while I was there. Enjoy.







Sunday ride with the leather boys.

Rockersracer & Bro Ayip from Naked13caferacer.

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Recent Ride to Putrajaya

So last week we visited Putrajaya to have a look at the place for the upcoming DGRKL 2016 event. As usual DGRKL will be on September 2016.

Photos taken using Fujifilm X20.


Art of Speed Tour Johor 2015

Hey guys n gurls. If u have no plans this weekend, dropby and checkout Art Of Speed Tour Johor at Mall of Medini Nusajaya for some exciting bike show, market place, exhibition, concert and many more! Event will be held from 31 Oct till 1 Nov 2015. Follow their event page at Art Of Speed Tour Johor for more updates and info.

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Released! The 2016 Triumph Motorcycle Classic Series T120!

We are lucky to have our friend from Bonnefication sharing some live feed photos at the Triumph Launching in London today. Here are some series of design for the new 2016 Triumph Motorcycle T120. We love the racer series as it comes with half fairing, USD forks, new tank shape, seat cowl and many more. Looks like they have upgraded the cc to 1200cc and 900cc. The most obvious thing to see is the slim radiator tuck in front of the frame. More specs to be revealed later. For now, enjoy the photos shared by Bonnefication.


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2016 Triumph Motorcycle Classic??

I’ve seen a few posting in Facebook regarding the new look for Triumph motorcycle Classic range. Said to be unveal on the 28th October 2015. Its tomorrow!

So 1 day left till we see the all the 2016 Triumph motorcycle classic range. Perhaps we can do a bit of review on the possibility of customizing it later.



The Current Cafe Racer Scene in Kuala Lumpur

Naked13caferacer is an active group here in Kuala Lumpur. They are not the pioneer nor the ‘otai’, they are just a bunch of caferacer enthusiast and actively riding around with their leathers and caferacer bikes. Kerkus was always part of naked13caferacer, alongside with Rocken and Cangkung Malaya. Here are some nice photos taken by Shaiful Azre during recent November Riding Outing. Cheers.

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Hey, If u’ve been wondering why there where no updates in this blog, its because we have just went through a crazy September!
2 big event happened, the Rollin Wheelz at Pantai Balok organized by Banjaros Malaya and of course, Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Kuala Lumpur organized by the Naked13 Caferacer x Kerkus. I’m gonna do a special post for this 2 events so stay tuned!

Rollin Wheelz

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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Kuala Lumpur 2014

L1020567 L1020596

(photo credit to blackcollars)

Mandarin Hippi Happy Ride

It was CNY and we had no other plans. SO we decided to join a ride organized by our local MC called “Banjaros Malaya”, together with the Naked13 Café Racer boys. They are one of the old timers MC in motorcycle scene in Malaysia. They named the ride as “Mandarin Hippi Happy Ride” where the objective of this ride is to make new friends and strengthen the brotherhood among fellow bikers. Destination is Pantai Kemasik Terengganu which is around 300++ km from KL.

The ride rolled out from the RV place around 9am and we headed slowly along Karak Highway. Speed was around 80-100km/h as most of the bikes are classic bikes, so they prefer to ride it slow and steady, Besides, there is nothing to rush for. The scene was great and the weather was amazingly cold and breezy. Not a single sweat comes out from my thick leather jacket. Of course we had to make a few stops as one of the classic bikes keep on refusing to go on. It’s a normal thing to them in fact they enjoyed wrenching and fixing their bikes by the road side. People watched and honk with a thumbs up, supporting the lads who have the guts to ride those classic bikes where some of it came from way early 50s. We were also escorted by a VW Combi from Bukit Botak Garage thanks to bro Rahim.

We reached Pantai Kemasek quit late, around 7pm. 10 hours of riding + few breakdowns. As we reached there, we were invited to visit the local custom workshop in Terengganu called Metaljob Syndicate. I was surprised to see their custom jobs there as there were masters in classic bikes such as triumph, Norton, BSA etc. They even fixed jet ski and set it up for racing. WoW. After the visit, we when straight to the beach and start erecting our tent. Everyone can’t wait to sleep after a long hours of riding.

Next day was a relaxing day. Everyone mingled around and chit chating each other. To my surprised, a few local MCs from Terengganu and Kelantan came to join this event and slowly became a mini Bike Week. Rows of bikes we parked and attracted passing byers to come and admire the bikes. We were served with home cooked dish and good music. By end of the night, a small gathering were made where all the MCs were given a token of appreciation and some gift to winners.

The next morning everyone woke up early as it was the day to return home. We thanked the local MCs for being so helpful with their kind hospitality. It will not be the last, surely we will come back again. Along the ride, I’ve learned a lot of new stuff from the old timers, be it about motorcycles or even about life. It’s a good way to pass on their experience and share it to younger generations. In the end, this ride ROCKS!

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