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Entering year 2018, part of the plan is to be more active in social media where we hope this custom culture will keep on expanding and progressing. We plan to share our videos inside and outside of our workshop, the life style, the amazing events happening around and many more. For a start, feel free to subscribe to our youtube channel to get latest videos and share it if you think its awesome!

We’ve prepared this video compiling all of our previous build, hope you enjoy it and share! Don’t forget to subscribe!



2016 Triumph Motorcycle Classic??

I’ve seen a few posting in Facebook regarding the new look for Triumph motorcycle Classic range. Said to be unveal on the 28th October 2015. Its tomorrow!

So 1 day left till we see the all the 2016 Triumph motorcycle classic range. Perhaps we can do a bit of review on the possibility of customizing it later.




Hey, If u’ve been wondering why there where no updates in this blog, its because we have just went through a crazy September!
2 big event happened, the Rollin Wheelz at Pantai Balok organized by Banjaros Malaya and of course, Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Kuala Lumpur organized by the Naked13 Caferacer x Kerkus. I’m gonna do a special post for this 2 events so stay tuned!

Rollin Wheelz




Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Kuala Lumpur 2014



(photo credit to blackcollars)

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