The Kerkus Garage

Images captured by Sam Stonemortar using Go Pro. Thanks buddy.


Fun Collaboration Kerkuscycles x Rock Attack for Projek Pistol “Budak Besi” MV (The Making)

Here is our recent collaboration with Rock Attack where they shoot the latest “Budak Besi” MV by Projek Pistol at our humble garage. Official MV will be out soon, meanwhile, heres is the Making of the MV.


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Here is the video:

Back in Action


Looking back at our last post, it was last year Dec 2014. How time fly. Lots of thing happens. The Kerkus team; Azahar (rockersracer) got his first baby, Azreezo got his daughter in Primary school, Syamim opened a new outlet for his cafe and Jason busy travelling around. We were also a bit unlucky when our workshop was broken in and these fuckers stole most of our main equipment including our big ass welding set. How unlucky. But the Kerkus spirit will never dies. We will still try our best to create and innovate the best of this custom culture. Now AOSMY15 is just around the corner (June) so we hope we can make it.



Pipeburn Featured the Honda CBX750 M1-21

We have been surprised today as one of our favorite custom bike sites, the Pipeburn featured our Honda CBX750 M1-21 build. We have been referring to this site for bike’s inspiration and today we are part of it. Such an honour and thank you Andrew & Scott from Pipeburn. To view it check out this link guys :



It’s been too long since our last post on this blog. Reason being; too many works and we finally moved out to a more decent place. A place where we can work until 2-3am in the morning without worrying anyone to come and complaint about the noise pollution that we produced. A place where we can find peace of mind and focus on what we do. A place where we can blast our music like nobody cares.

Here’s some nice photo of our recent activity at Kerkus. These shots are taken by talented Shaiful who is doing a photo journal about us.


IMG_0187 IMG_0203 IMG_0217 IMG_0255 IMG_0258 IMG_0262 IMG_0266 IMG_0273