For those who is wondering whats a CMC400, its a new brand thats getting much attention here in Malaysia. With a on the road price around rm18,000++, powered with 400cc engine, its a reasonable price for new bikers or even for oldtimers who wants to upgrade cc. Design is about the same as Honda CB400ss. Bike is made in China with some parts from Taiwan. Overall design is following the classic/retro look motorbikes, which makes it quite flexible to customize it. We have done 2 of this CMC400 and this is 1 of it with a tracker style.




  1. love how the bike is done. Am thinking of getting this for my 1st bike but i can’t seems to find any spec sheets on the bike. Any idea how to get it and any comments on how the bike performs?

  2. Hi. Love this design. I just bought KTN 125 GP and I want mine to be custom like this. Mine have factory spec. May I know how much is the budget to custom it like this CMC 400 tracker?

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