Honda CBX750 Caferacer Ver. 2

Hi guys.

We are back with another Honda CBX750 build. This time with more brutal look and stance. Tell you the truth, we took a longer time building this bike as there was some issues that we had to deal with. But thanks to the cool and patient owner, Bro Kairullizam,  finally its done, with a bomb. For those who still don’t know, this Honda CBX750 was previously a traffic police patrol bike, widely used in our country Malaysia. Its a very common sight to see here in Malaysia the traffic police using it everyday to control the traffic, escorting people, chasing bad guys and etc.













When we first met with the client, he was clear with what we wants. He really admire the Ducati Sport 1000 classic from the movie Tron. He loves the badass tank design from the Sport1000 and would like to have it on his bike but at the same time, to remain the Honda logo on the tank. We take note on what he wants and started doing some sketches to get the feel of it.

By doing a custom made tank, we already solved the issue of limited space underneath the original gas tank as the main frame of this bike is a box shape instead of normal tube shape. There are some added edge to the tank so that it wouldn’t be a direct copy of the Ducati Sport 1000’s tank. The petcock was a bit a pain in the arse as we have to use back the original petcock from the original tank, so a lot of customization had to be done to make sure it can fit to the custom tank. Tank cap was a CNC aluminum and designed as slim as possible. The tail section was also designed and fabricated using metal sheet to compliment the shape of the tank. Original subframe have been cut off and replaced with a new customized subframe, in order to get that straight line between the tank and the tail section. We choose brown PVC seat to create some contrast to the whole bike and matched it with a classic look brown handlebar grips. The rear light is using LED light, complete with brake light mode and mounted with custom bracket.













The owner didn’t want us to mess up with the stock airbox, so we didn’t touch it. But we replace the sidecover with our own custom sidepanel, fabricated with metal sheet with some holes to allow some ventilation especially to the rectifier.





The front setup was a bit tricky too. Eventho the bike came without the big ass fairing, the wirings, the sirens the extra lights were still intact. We have to trash out these unwanted stuff and have to keep the minimal wiring and hide it using a custom steel plate painted in black behind the headlight. The new headlight was a bit special too as it has front grill and integrated with signal lights where both are finish with powder coated black, mounted to the forks using headlight brackets. Stock gauge was removed, and replaced with smaller speedo and rpm gauge mounted on a custom made bracket. Instead of using clip on bars, we decided to use clubman handlebar as we noticed that owner cant really reach if its too low so the clubman was the perfect solution for him. Bar end mirror were fitted to complete the setup. Front fork were polished to bring back the original chrome and were fitted with new fork gaiter. The rims were original, and we decided to paint it gloss black so that the whole tire setup looks mean and heavy. Both tire are using Bridgestone Battlax BT45, good choice from the owner.












Paint job was again an artwork from our friendly panel, Bigcat Motorart. Owner have chosen matted finished gun metal grey with racing stripe at the centre of the tank and the tail section. To make it more unique, there is a big Honda wing logo in gloss finish on both side of the tank, looks like a badass tatoo from far. Engine was also repainted using hi temp paint, together with the new pair of shorty megaphone muffler exhaust. The stock pipes was not really in good condition aesthetically, so instead of doing chrome, we wrapped it with black hi temp pipe wrap, as to maintained the badass look of the bike.








All in all, we are glad that the owner is happy. Lots of obstacle that we had to face during this build, but the cool and patient owner really touched us. We were satisfied with the result of this bike, a very muscular yet brutal looking mean machine compared to our previous CBX750 build ( M1-21). We also learned that there are so many possibility that can be done to this Honda CBX750, despite the original look of it. Hope this post can inspire and give you guys some ideas on what can be done to your current or next bike project.

Till then, Adios!














5 thoughts on “Honda CBX750 Caferacer Ver. 2

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  1. I would like to do the same exactly to my bike , cox 750 2003 , however I don’t live any where near by . Is it possible to ship the modified parts, tank seat, lights , etc to me

    Please contact me on my emai

    1. Hi, i have a Honda CBX 1056. Some parts of the engine was opened n not reassembled. Can you help. Call me 012-3972808

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