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Full detail and photos of the Royal Enfield 350 Caferacer ‘Re-invented’ will be out soon. Watch out for it!




Having a sweet spot on classic Hondas, this Honda CG 125 owner, Michael, came to us and insist that this 1970s bike to be kept restored, rather than turning it into current style cafe racer or street tracker. We have to say that he made a pretty good decision as we saw the potential of this bike, eventho its just stock standard look.

We gave a bit of a Kerkus touch making the bike looks more trendy and some says “like brand new”.

Honda CG125 restoration
Honda CG125 restoration
Honda CG125 restoration
Honda CG125 restoration











Honda s90 Cafe Racer

Can’t believe we still haven’t upload the final product of the Honda s90 cafe racer in this blog. Sorry. So here it is… the much awaited 1960s Honda s90 customized to a cafe racer style.

The bike was bought from a friend’s friend where it has been parked in a shop since forever. We are quite lucky as the previous owner maintained and took good care of the bike, although it just sits there.

The bike was planned to be displayed in conjunction with Art of Speed Malaysia, our local event here in Malaysia where it celebrates art in all automotive culture.

There’s a lot of thought and ideas were thrown into building this bike. Yes, it might be small and look simple, but the more simple the design is, the more detail it needs to be. We decided that the tank should be remained; quite a unique shape it is. the seat cowl has been constructed using fiber, sitting on a custom bracket that is attached to the original frame. The clubman handlebar were modified from the original handlebar and wrapped with leather handle grip. We can’t fit a universal clubman handlebar as the width of the fork is quite small. The rear set have been customized from an after market rearset where the riding position is according to the new owner of this bike.

New powder coated rims and tires were fitted in this bike. The front and rear fenders were left behind; I know, I know… its not practical… but we just wanted to be badass 😛 So we maintained the original black colour of this Honda s90, makes it extra badass.haha. The original gauge were given a special touch where it have been tinted with red tint.

Honda s90 cafe racer by KerkusCycles
Honda s90 cafe racer by KerkusCycles

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Owner of the bike is a professional hairstylist – Miko. Very high taste person and looks into every detail. He wanted something unique and classic/vintage, thats where he decided to buy the Royal Enfield 500 as the donor bike. Kerkus were given the freedom to design and built it so we took this opportunity  to improve from the previous RE 350 design.



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