Kerkus new setup! Now 90% ready for full operation!







This Boy is On Fire

Things are a bit slow here in kerkus during Ramadhan fasting month. Not enough energy for anything. However, Azree manage to built a big ass table made of unused bed frame.

No firecracker but we have weldingcracker LOL



A Blast of Local Brands at Tempatan Fest 2.0!

It happened on June 29 & 30th. Its the second series of Tempatan Fest this year and its bigger and crazier than the first one. We were invited to this event so we gather up few cafe racers friends to join us to support the event. As usual, started with a breakfast at NZ KLCC while waiting for the others to arrived. The breakfast chit chat was interesting as we discussed some future events for mods vs rockers; wait for that guys. After a long breakfast, we are ready to roll.

As we arrived at the event site, Dataran DDEC Jalan Kia Peng KL, we were greeted by the host and were directed to a special spot for us to park the bikes. This is part of their layout plan to showcase the biking scene, especially cafe racer to the people who come. The crowd started to get bigger by noon, despite the hot sunny day; and thank God no haze. I was amazed by the numbers of local brands that can be spotted in this event. Most of the vendors are young and energetic, which explained the creativity and out of box ideas that had been put in their products. Be it tshirts, pants, caps, headgear, shoes, wallet, leather stuffs, and a lot to mention here. Few brands that I can remember was Gifted, Underboss, Stonemortars, Mayhem, RIB, Switchblade and etc etc etc… (Sorry cant remember all)

The event was not solely on selling products, Its also filled with gigs from local bands playing their own song,or other people song (heck I cant hear anything coz the radio at the cafe was too loud!). Few local artist that I spotted was Radhi OAG, Aru and Pian Habib. There were also a charity segment where kids can do their own painting on a big canvas, and parents pay rm10 fot it. Looks fun! and you can see how creative these kids nowdays (or not). The rm10 will be donated to somethere, I cant remember. Will update this post once I find out. 😛

Its a big success and big exposure to both vendors and goers. Good luck and all the best to all local brands hope you can make it to the international. And congrats to bro Seir Rashid for organizing such event.


P/S : Watch out guys for the Tempatan Fest 3.0 happening on coming October 2013!


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Awesome Breakfast Ride

We manage to organized a small ride for breakfast before starting of the fasting month. Although its a small group, lots of fun and stories being shared. Nasik lemak lentang was da best. After breakfast, we headed to KL for a spin and ended up at Campbell Plaza to a shop called Zolo. Thanks to those who participate. Photo credit to Axim












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