Kerkuscycles built no.3 finally done. The bike was created specially to support our local custom event ‘AOSMY13’. Concept of the bike was driven by the influence of BMX bicycle, freestyle to da max. Being part of the ‘Streetcub Bitches’ member, this streetcub hopes to add more variety in the streetcub scene in Malaysia.19895_322516034547631_1415112009_n 400732_322515954547639_2006604514_n 941132_322516057880962_1640807974_n 944728_322513011214600_495044151_n 983967_322512997881268_696281813_n 996183_322512971214604_1888979286_n 1000417_322513014547933_2120428224_n 1016146_322513084547926_966168332_n


Its been a week since the Art Of Speed Malaysia 2013 (AOSMY13), but im still thinking bout it. The impact was so strong, stronger than last yr AOSMY12. Feels like it should be held every month. It was breathtaking seeing all the cool custom scene happening in Malaysia. The crowd was also unbelievable. Its a good way to expose the custom scene to fellow Malaysian.

Kerkuscycles started the journey to AOSMY13, which is located at Citta Mall Subang as early as 830 am (Saturday). We was a bit late to be frank, I(Rockers Racer) over slept while Azree cannot wake up at all. All this due to staying overnight trying as much as we can to finish up our bikes to be displayed in AOSMY13. However Azree did came, but in the evening session. Kerkuscycles ride together with Naked13 Cafe Racer team. There was a bit hiccup during the ride tho. Bro Wa’s bike got some prob with his carb. We were stranded at the Subang Toll Complex for more than an hour trying to solve it. But in the end, we pushed the bike to AOSMY13, thanks to the teamwork.

The event was packed, right after we arrived. We made quite a cool entrance, all with leather jackets, noisy pipes and cafe racers bike. We know dat its hot, sooo hot, but leather jacket is a must! Met quite a few other cafe racer bikes at the event, some of them are familiar bikes from the FB page Cafe Racer Malaya. Good to know that more and more cafe racers exist in Malaysia.

AOSMY13, organized by our buddy Asep & his cool wife Deni, showcases all kind of custom in automotive. Be it cars, bikes, bicycles, hotrod & etc. Shows that Malaysian can be as creative as others in other parts of the world. Representative from Mooneyes Japan were also invited to this event, making a big history in our custom scene. Other builders from Thailand, Singapore & Indonesia also participate to showcase their custom products which to me really open up our eyes on how creative and innovative there are. Still a lot to learn here.

There were a few competition category held, and Kerkuscycles manage to get a prize from our famous car drifter, Tengku Djan “My Pick”¬† award! A big recognition for Kerkuscycles, first time we ever won a prize. I will update on the other winners for each categories soon.

All in all, it was a big success as it was reported that around 60,000 people came for this event. A big salute and congratulation to bro Asep & Deni for their hardwork in making this custom scene alive and accepted by Malaysian. Its a good platform for builders like us in Malaysia to keep on customizing for da love of Art!

Photo credit to Ariv fotomoto & Stonemortars

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Kerkuscycles 6 pages feature in the 200th edition of On The Road Magazine. Much love to the OTR editor, Art of Speed Malaysia, the Naked13 Cafe Racer bros & fellow friends! Thanks a lot for da support! Grab the latest OTR magz now!





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