Small Place Big crowd

Recently we’ve been visited by local magazines crew to do up a cover story on our small humble backyard garage. Again, many thanks to bro Asep & Deni for their hardwork and effort introducing us to the custom scene. Kami budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan. Since they wanted to know how is our cafe racer scene here, we decided to called up few of our close friends with some style..

Thanks to Magazine crew from On The Road, World Tour Rider, CnC and Chopperockers. Not forgetting the Naked 13 cafe racer club members for the support.

We will be rocking the Art Of Speed 13 this year!

IMG_7397 IMG_7414IMG_7418 IMG_7436 IMG_7486 IMG_7493 IMG_7433 IMG_7483 IMG_7471 IMG_7405 IMG_7443 IMG_7464 IMG_7500 IMG_7473 IMG_7498

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