Rearset S90 Cafe Racer

Rearset for s90 Cafe Racer have been installed. Looking good and sturdy.

20130526-205804.jpg 20130526-205829.jpg 20130526-205908.jpg 20130526-205921.jpg


  1. Great rear sets! Where did you get them? I’m looking to do similar on my ’64 S90 cafe racer build. Your swingarm looks different from mine as well. Does it interfere with stock kickstarter?

      1. Thanks for the information, can I find those rear sets on Ebay then? Do you think I am ok with the stock kickstarter? Did you have to get a longer swingarm axle to fit the rear sets on? Is the brake rod stock as well or did you have to find one that works with the rear set pegs?

      2. I agreed with Eric. The rear sets are pretty awesome with s90. Where can i find this bro?

  2. Ok thank you, my only other question is it seems like your S90 is the S90 zk1 model from early 1970s, mine is an older one from 1964 and I know my swingarm axle does not have a lot of room, so I’ll see.

  3. Hi I’m building a s90 cafe racer and I’m to the point where I need tires. I like the ones on the black s90 you built. Does anyone know the make and size of those ones

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